Mike the Dog Walker

I'll walk any time, in any weather!

About Mike the Dog Walker

"I treat every dog like my own"

Dogs are awesome!

I realized that walks with my dog Norman were one of my favorite things to do.  It makes sense to take my love for dogs and turn it into a business. 

I strive to continue learning and helping others do the same.  This is an ever-changing field that hasn't really been done a lot in Charlottetown yet, but I plan on keeping up with the latest techniques, laws and tricks to make dog walking services in the Charlottetown area.

What you see is what you get with Mike the Dog Walker.  I am open and transparent about the services provided. I am excited to meet your four legged friend (and you!) and create a lasting relationship to help keep your dog happy and healthy.


Hi, I'm Mike. I'm an experienced dog owner/walker with a passion and love for all dogs!

Walking my dog Norman is my absolute favourite thing to do! Many of you have probably seen me walking him around Charlottetown. I get great joy from watching him explore and interact with other people and dogs and now I am offering this service to YOU! My services will include group walks, private walks and in house visits in Charlottetown. I will treat every dog as well as I treat Norman. I will treat them LIKE MY OWN!


If you'd like to set up a meet and greet, get in touch with me anytime! 


Group Walks/Play

Does your dog walk and play well with others?  Then group walk/play sessions may be a great option!   I pick up your furry buddy and we go meet up with their friends for some social time!  We may go for a walk, we may go to the park, each adventure is different!  Any off leash play will be only at fenced in off leash friendly areas.


Supervised playtime

enrichment games

water breaks

 $18/ Play Session

 The more you commit, the more you save.  Ask about our deals!

Poop Cleaning Service

If your yard looks like a poop bomb went off, ask me about my poop cleaning service!
Prices vary depending on yard size and amount of poop.
Ask about my walk/poop cleanup packages!

Private Walks

Does your canine have some special needs, or do they just like their alone time? A leash walk around the neighbourhood for some fresh air may be what you're looking for.

Walks Include:

short leash walk

long leash exercise

enrichment games

water breaks

 $20 per walk

The more you commit, the more you save.  Ask about our deals!

Going on a Trip?

House sitting available (for regularly scheduled clients only)

Call or message for details.


Want your pup to get out for some fresh air and to "water the plants"? A home visit might be the option for you.  This is good for senior dogs, or dogs who are unable to handle longer walks or play at the park.  Includes a quick walk around the neighborhood.

$15 for a  visit

The more you commit, the more you save.  Ask about our deals!

Something Else?

Was there something else you were looking for?  Reach out, I may be able to help you out!

More than one dog? For each additional dog, it's $3 extra per service!

Holidays and weekends are $5 extra

Senior's Discount Available - $10 per walk

Refer a new client and get 1 free session!

Pet First Aid

Your pets safety is my #1 priority. I always carry my first aid kit with me.


Bonded & Insured

Letting somebody into your home isn't a trivial thing. Rest easy knowing the only thing we'll steal is your dog's heart... and their poop

Continuing Education

I strive to continue learning about the animals I work with and how to better serve them, and their parents.

Get in touch! We're here for you...

Other ways to get in touch:


Services offered in Charlottetown

Willing to travel outside these areas for an extra cost. The cost will be based on distance to travel.


 902.620.1204 **Best contact method**